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Bobby O
Summary: Part III- Just to keep everyone focused


1) Stu paid $3100 for a group of baby zonatas. Stu is NOT A NOVICE when it comes to colubrid husbandry/breeding (40 years experience with an excellent reputation).
2) Within two weeks, they start showing symptoms of "zonata disease." Stu wanted to return the animals and get his money back at that time and Jerry refused and wanted him to work with the snakes.
3) Animals progressively got worse/did not improve. Jerry offered Stu to return the snakes so he can work with them with no mention of a refund.
4) Stu refused, not trusting he will ever see a cent from Jerry or the snakes ever again.
5) Jerry started getting personally derogatory at Stu using expletives.
6) Stu refused to communicate with him because of his derogatory remarks and wanted an opinion on the other site about zonata disease.
7) Other sites moderator who is a friend of Jerry's selectively deletes any negative comments about the transaction.
8) Stu brings this issue to BOI.
9) Fast forward 42 pages of character history/witnesses and testimonials, endless rants/name calling, and opinions.
10) Jerry is supposedly refunding Stu's money but has not done so.

Please refund his money so we can all go back to our lives.