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Hello everyone.

Don't have any dragons yet, but am actively working on changing that. With the month winding down and all, pay day is coming up. I figured now is a good time to start looking into cage options extensively. Need everything nice and set up before bringing any dragons home, of course!

Does anyone have any experience with the Exo-Terra Glass vivarium?


Attractive options - the ONLY options, really - are the 36" x 18" x 18", or the 36" x 18" x 24". Looking at about $270 for the latter of the two, shipped. For $25-30 more, I can get the 36" x 21" x 17" from Dragons4you.

I've never seen a PVC cage in person. For those of you that use these types of cages, what is your experience with them? They look nice, they stack, and it's especially nice that the fixtures can be added.. One less thing to worry about, in a way. In reality, the number one question I have with these cages is this: Are they really that light weight? Being able to physically move the cage for thorough cleaning is a big deal. Boyfriend is around a lot, and can help with a heavy cage.. it's just kind of a bummer to have to rely on a second person for that, though.

I know that I can probably go to Petco here in town and go get a tank for less than either of those two options, but again..! With that comes the issue of being able to move the cage.

Sorry to be long-winded. To summarize, I guess what I am asking is this. Glass tank/vivarium or PVC cage? Which seems to be the better option? Which of these do any of you have experience with?
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