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Randall Turner
One of the downsides to breeding animals.

So I enjoyed sharing my 2 breeding attempts last year, and the 2 successful litters. Across both breedings, both females recovered beautifully from the physical toll and look as good if not better than they did before this breeding. Out of all of the neonates, they were nothing but outwardly healthy live born, except for 1 fairly early dead stillborn severely kinked neonate and a handful of slugs.

Now fast forward 6+ months from the first litter being born. I kept 1.1 Leopards from my Sonoran litter and sold 0.0.8 healthy possible hets. From fairly early into the new life of these little Leopards, I'd noticed the female seemed a little bit behind her brother. She didn't seem to be as readily accepting to eat, then she seemed to digest a little slower, taking more time to process the meals she would take. Well, today she passed away. I am pretty damn depressed by this, but have to accept the ups and downs with a hobby involving the life and potential death of these beautiful animals.