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Hawaiian Reptile Laws

Hey all, I've been searching the internet for the laws and regulations on reptiles in Hawaii and though I have found a decent amount on information it still left me with some questions. So I thought I would reach out here and see if anyone could give me more solid answers. I will be going to the big island this year and plan to go visit the department of agriculture to make sure I have the right information but seeing how when I move I'm going to have to sell my collection I though I would check and see if anyone here has had experience with reptiles in Hawaii.
All my questions are geared toward the main island. I know there are a fair amount of invasive species all over Hawaii and that none of the reptiles are native. I have done a lot of research into the reptiles of Hawaii my questions are more aboit the laws and regulations.

What reptiles(if any) other than turtles and tortoises are allowed in Hawaii?

Are you allowed to keep any of the wild reptiles as pets? So if I caught a gecko could i keep it without any reprecutions?

I know geckos, and type of dragon species and iguanids arent allowed. I'm curious about uromastyx and any other species that might be allowed.

Thank you for any insight you might be able to offer.