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CBB K. homeana

I have a number of CBB Kinixys homeana (Home's hingeback) tortoises available. The dam and sire pics are included in the ad (last pic), they are not for sale. I acquired the sire in ~2003 (he's the smaller, lighter colored one) and the dam in ~2010.

The tortoises that are available include:

One probable male tortoise that is about 6" SCL.

Two unsexed tortoises that are about 5" SCL.

Six unsexed tortoises that are about 4" SCL.

The tortoises are eating Mazuri, fruits (papaya, mango, etc), squashes, invertebrates. They can be tricked into eating greens if they're adequately mixed in with fruit.

I am happy to provide additional information about the tortoises and their care requirements.

Additional pictures available, hopefully the pictures will get better as it warms up enough to get them in natural light.

Tortoises are $300 each + shipping. Also available for local pick up.

No tortoises under 4" SCL will be available for sale.
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