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You are hilarious, posting false acquisitions. Do you have a life Kevin, I see you on the internet acting like a child all the time. You don't post anything useful you always post combative things. :shooYou have that internet tough guy thing going, I think it's because you were bullied as a child.. lol. I will be coming to Toronto, and Nova Scotia this year I think we should meet up. I would love to see you act this way to my face!

First off you are full of . If you were truly repentant and were actually taking responsibility for your actions you wouldn't be lying about changing your name.

I am going to try and attach a screen shot from the thread on snakes where I called you out. I realized that names aren't attached but i am posting this so people can see how similar your responses are. It's am amazing how you both make the assumption that A) i never add anything useful and B) I was picked on as a child.

Finally feel free to pm me when you come through to NS and i will clear my schedule.