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Kimberley Bearded Snakeneck/Long-neck Turtles (Macrochelodina oblonga walloyarrina)

Kimberley Bearded Snakeneck Turtles (Macrochelodina oblonga walloyarrina) CB 2019

Kimberley Bearded Snakeneck/Long-neck Turtles (Macrochelodina oblonga walloyarrina) CB 2019. One of the rarest snakenecks in the world. To my knowledge, these are the only specimens offered for sale anywhere in the world. Don't just be the only one on your block with these, be one of the few people in the planet with them. As adults, the males have a beard. These guys are eating live blackworms, frozen bloodworms, Zoo Med ReptiSticks, Zoo Med Hatchling diet, freeze dried krill and small feeder fish. An adult male is pictured but NOT for sale.

Quantity in stock: 4 item(s) available

Our price: $2500.00


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Normal (green) Red Ear Sliders are not for sale to Florida residents.

All turtles sold under 4 inches are for export, educational, research or zoological purposes only. They are not sold as pets.

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