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just an interesting TP update. One of my coworkers told me of an incident she had at a local wal mart. She went in to pick up some staples for her 4 kids that are home from school and noticed a large crowd of people milling about near the back doors. She asked what was going on and someone said they were bringing out a pallet of TP. People were pushing and shoving to be first in line so rather than fight the crowd and wait in line she went about perusing the near empty (of food and people) aisles for whatever she could find. When they brought out the pallet they made everyone line up and each person was going to get 1 package and no one could get back in line. The thing is all the cases of 4 packs were on top and they opened them first and handed them out so those who fought to get in line first got 4 packs and after the line died down she went by and saw some larger packs with no one in line so she grabbed one of the 24 packs for herself without having to wait and she got to do the rest of her shopping in relative peace without being coughed or sneezed or breathed on. I just love stories like that.
That's awesome.

My local store had a different take - everyone could purchase ONE ROLL.