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The ad thread linked in the OP shows some more comments by Kameron. I wonder if he got an infraction/temp ban - based on a comment from a mod after Kameron continued to post disputes in the ad thread. So maybe he is not able to respond here?

To me this sounds like buyer's remorse. He got the iguana and realized a flighty animal wasn't what he wanted. Because the seller had legitimately told him about the lack of tameness, he decided that this was a different animal and tried to get his way using that angle.

I'm not impressed with someone being "sure this is a different animal" unless there are good comparison pics posted. So, while we only really have one side of the story so far, I don't see that Kameron's statements have been backed up by evidence. If Kameron disputes the transaction and wins, then he has the animal and the money, which does not seem fair.