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Manny Frade Perfect Predators

Manny Frade has screwed me twice in two days. He tried to sell one snake to two people. He posted an ad on facebook of a female Lipstick Sunglow Tuesday morning. I messaged him to see if it was still available. He answered me and said yes it was.I sent the payment through PayPal early in the morning. That afternoon I see someone on face book post the same snake I just bought earlier and their saying they just bought the snake. So I show Manny the post and ask him, what's up with that? He tells me that I ruined the surprise. He said he was going to surprise me with one of his "hold backs" because of another issue we had on a purchase last year. He was going to send me a different snake without telling me. I told him that the one on the ad is the one I want. He shows me a picture of the"hold back" and another Sunglow. I told him again, I want the one in the ad. He then agrees to make it happen. Wednesday morning I get a message from Manny saying two of the snakes he showed me the day before had escaped because he didn't close the tubs right. Later he tells me he found one, but not the one I wanted. He said if he finds it he'll let me know or he'll give me a refund. Little did he know I spoke to the other buyer and the buyer told me that Manny had told him there was an error with the picture of the original snake in the ad so he wouldnt be receiving the original one. Shortly after that he issues me a refund. I go home I tell him I'll take the "hold back" rather than not have anything. I send the payment and we finalize the deal. I'm on Facebook I notice he posts a pic of the hold back on his page. Shortly after he sends me a message this morning and tells me he's canceling the transaction because I was speaking to the other buyer about what had happened and the buyer gave him an ear full. He stated that "I added insult to injury". He said it's business not personal. I never saw the original snake in any other picture and that leads me to think he was lying the whole time. If the other buyer would've never posted on Facebook we both would've received snakes we didn't want. The other buyer settled for the one I turned down. Moral of the story is Manny Frade from Perfect Predators is a liar and a con artist. I am done with him!