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Ok after over an hour and a half of reading through this thread I am at the end. I have my application filled out and am ready to send off my test box but have a few questions that were not fully addressed as of yet to my knowledge.
1. Who is Daniel at Scales? I am assuming this is a website that shipping supplies are available.
2. What are the specifics of shipping a reptile? I got a pair of kings last winter shipped to my door in a small box marked perishable and arrows pointing up. FedEx Priority Overnight 3 pounds. 1 heat pack 2 snakes individually bagged in cloth. Shredded newspaper and styrofoam peanuts all surrounded by thin styrofoam sheets. Is this what the test lab expects because obviously it worked well from Florida to Oklahoma in the snow.
3. When I go to ship do I just take my box up to the nearest FedEx office, walk up to the counter, and tell them I need this box to go across the U.S. NOW?
I have never shipped anything in my life so please do not respond as if I am an idiot as tempting as it may be. I have wanted to ship reptiles for years but never wanted to do it illegally, but finally I can ship out my captive bred reptiles with a bit of help from experienced breeders/shippers. Thank you in advance for your help!