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~Just Curious~
I just received my first order from RodentPro and I will definitely be buying from them now on! Can't beat those prices! Plus it was well packaged and the insulation kept everything frozen solid even after a few days in transit. Perfect products, mine at least were all clean and none of the feeders were "blocked" together.

I too was very pleased with their customer service! I didn't make it as easy as it could have been for them either - My order didn't go through the first time because I had forgotten to finish all the paperwork on my new card. RodentPro took the initiative to call me up and let me know, they were very polite and understanding about the whole thing and reordered it all for me.
Also I had requested smaller guinea pigs before that in the 'customer comments' section when I placed my order. They had them listed as 85-174 grams and I asked if they could please have them be closer to the lower end of the scale. Once again they went out of their way to contact me the day they were to be shipped, letting me know the average weight and asking if that was okay. It was and I ended up getting just what I needed!

Couldn't have been happier with it all~