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im still not fully sold that it is "truely contagious" as opposed to we dont really know the origin or cause of it (ie, mites, airborne, etc). while i do agree that in most cases, if one comes down with ibd, chances are high that the entire or at least most of the collection will come down with it. but, with that said, if it is the snake mite for example, what if the mites only get on some of the clutch. there is documentation of only certain snakes in collections having ibd and other boids not "contracting" it. so, does it work like a tick fever or lymes disease where it is transmitted through a host ? who fully knows at this point. i dont go searching every five minutes on up to date ibd reports or research, but i try to keep up with it regularly and to my knowledge, i havent heard anything that without a doubt it is contagious or isolated.