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**Final update**

All 3 chargeback cases have been decided by paypal. I was awarded all three payments back after i submitted all evidence to them. That combined with the trackng information proved that i did infact ship his items on time to the address paypal provided (which allowed me seller protection).

Joe blocked my number so i am unable to communicate with him. Not that that matters but i did want to let him know that i am no longer going to honor the doa credit like i originally mentioned after having to deal with these issues and attempted fraud. I did send links from this thread to both of joe’s known email addresses so he is aware.

Attached is a screen shot from the final paypal decision. There is a email for each transaction but im only posting one to save time and space on the boards here. ....they are the same email with different prices anyway.

My advice still remains....avoid joe castaneda.
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