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Grey-band feeding inquiry

Now to preface: I'm a long ways yet from needing to try anything drastic, but I'm the kind of person who likes to get all their ducks in a row long beforehand if I can. Recently acquired a gray-banded kingsnake who I was told was eating scented pinkies, and last night offered food for the first time (starting with a non-scented just to see). At first he seemed interested in just the non-scented pinkie, grabbed it and started to munch a couple times before then letting go of it and ignoring it. Tried putting a recently collected anole skin on the pinkie, turned him off completely, and then tonight I tried offering one that had been rubbed on a house gecko also with basically no results.
Among things coming up that I will try: giving a few more days to see if I can just get him hungry, then I also have a source for frozen Sceloporus to scent with which I will bet will work, but just in case my real question as I am slightly wondering about the size of the pinkies I have (sold as X-small, but they may well be more than new-born or day old), is has anyone had success with scenting of adult mouse tails with lizard scent to feed? If size may perchance be the off-putting thing for him, I wonder if something slimmer might be more intriguing.