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Posted this elsewhere years ago:

Lordy, I remember the first year I bred graybands and produced around 40 babies, if I remember correctly. Not a one of them would go on pinky mice. I had to wind up catching baby fence lizards (which I absolutely HATED doing), and buying a bunch of Mediterranean geckos to get them feeding. It was VERY slow going getting them to switch over via scenting the pinks.

One trick I tried that seemed to help somewhat was to get a bunch of those clay pot bottoms for holding water for plants and drilling a hole in the bottom and putting it upside down in the cage for the baby grayband to crawl into. I would moisten the clay pot bottom frequently to raise the humidity inside of it. By putting scented pinks on top right near the hole, it seemed to enhance the feed response of the graybands. But that was right before I got fed up with messing with them and got rid of the entire bunch in frustration, so not sure anything was proven trying it that way. But it might be worth a shot for you to try it out.

I have heard some people having luck with pygmy mice (peromyscus), but never tried it myself.

Good luck!