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Well, the sand is so hard to clean..as in fecal matter stays behind and gets spread with that sand cleaner scoop, but many people do like it. We use newspaper for adults and the hatchlings are on bran cereal. Lots of people use shelf liner and that should be very easy to clean.

Your temps sound good,and you are sure you can achieve these stable temps in that big huge cage? I am not sure what would happen if I turned off my bright lights in the middle of the day and then switched them back on in the evening and then switched them back off when the sun went down (is this bright light your heat light maybe?)..if I understood this correctly. We turn the heat bulbs off in the middle of the day but the cage stays brightly lit from wake up to bed time. I can't tell by your post if you have been giving them a calendar habitat or a constant year habitat, but if you have been giving them a constant habitat you might want to experiment and simulate as best as you can..simulation can be as minor as one hour difference photo period and 5F up or down depending on the season you are making for them. Didn't mention the humidity level in the dragon room or in the actual cage. The cage is really tall, sounds lovely..do you have a temp gun you can shoot the top middle and bottom of each section of cage? Sounds like this cage would be very hard to stabilize a good solid temp..is this true?

yellowish urates do not always mean bacteria infection, if it has a bit of shiny or glossy looking particles and is hard..a bit like a dry yolk..this can be a mineral problem that a blood panel can detect easily

Do you notice them defecating in the water bowl? Mine would and if they did and then drank from it...oh gosh, that would cause some terrible problems. If you have noticed them pooing in the bowl and you have always let them have a water bowl, could this be the problem maybe? Ingesting waste will cause disease and could cause death. I don't mist them or use water bowls ever, we use an eyedropper and water each dragon individually and the adults go into shallow soaking tubs one at a time, you have to scrub in between.

I think you say you are feeding the insects the minerall with d3 right? I can't tell if you mean dusting the insects. If you have a MVB and I dont know information on these because we dont use them..could you be giving too much D3? D3 that doesn't come from sunlight is usually taken from cows..so it has been used by a mammal and then put into our supplements. Not sure about sticky toungue but you could check on that. D3 is quite toxic and all animals handle it differently..what is not enough for one is too much for another..just like supplements for people. ....sheesh don't we go through flaming hoops for them? This problem could be one of a hundred things and I wish I had an answer for you.

Well, hopefully all will turn out well with your other dragons and you can do investigative work....send out for some tests, get info back. I wish you luck. Sounds like you care an awful lot for your dragons and they are lucky to have you.

Call your breeder and go over everything with them if you haven't, lots of times the breeder will be able to help you...if the parents and all the siblings and aunts uncles are all doing well then something is up.

Another note: no toxins of any kind? Do all Texans have horses (joke) if you have horses or cows you can't have fly spray on your hands and touch those dragons, not even citronella oil on your hands..flea shampooing the dog and touching dragons? fertilizer? oven cleaner?