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Well it's a long story

when I was growing up in the wilds of Montana we had to walk 20 miles to school every day all up hill both ways Wolves and bears everywhere heck by the end of the school year half the class was either bear or wolf poop which explains why I have only 1 arm and half a leg. You see I had a cold one day and when the bears came after us one of the other kids poured honey on me and took off, being sick I couldn't run as fast as I normally did(honey made my feet sticky) and a fast bear grabbed me by the leg so I had to rip off my arm to beat him with till he let go -- :eatpointe OOPs wrong story

The name comes from your half right Wes , I used to have a favorite dog name Raven ( Bird Dog) And Over the years I've become a gaited horse addict Tenn. Walkers and Spotted saddle horses. Well and it's the name of the ranch lol

I've been asked many times why or what it means on different forums, Some mistake it for Ravensgate ie the gate to hell but nope just a dog and a horse and a place with cows.