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After you spin so many lies you cannot keep them straight, all you can do is keep coming up with more lies to try and cover your tracks.

At this point I wonder if Ashley has told the lie she sold Phoenix for so long she truly believes it.

I posted a screenshot showing where Ashley herself listed Phoenix as deceased in 2010, but no information about his death was given until Ryan mentioned something a few days ago. Ashley is denying these allegations saying she sold Phoenix, but when confronted with the screen shot she quickly tried to say she did not mark him as dead or the cresties she had and that it must have been recently edited.

She told me she had not been on iHerp since 2010. I am aware of this because she deactivated the account.

This screenshot, however, was taken by Adrya Webb in 2010. When I informed her of that, she quit trying to deny the information and instead went back to deflection.

Why is this still relevant?

Because, as they say, a leopard cannot change its spots.
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