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Ashley Caspillo,
I have no proof to back my claim. Neither does he that the snake was ever sick and in the manner he is claiming. Like I said, everyone can make their own opinions on the subject.
Here is the order of events:

1) 2010 - Phoenix listed as Deceased by Ashley via iHerp
2) 21 Jan 14 - Phoenix confirmed deceased by myself via Facebook.
3) 21 Jan 14 - Ashley claims Phoenix was sold, possibly as a pair with an albino boa.
4) 22 Jan 14 - Ashley implicitly suggests the animal was not sold by stating the above quote.

I would just like to re-clarify what ShadowAceD posted. Ashley rebuttal my comment with "I sold Phoenix" yet there is a screenshot from 2010 from iHerp that Ashley posted Phoenix as "Deceased." I will have to check my backup files to see if I have anything to "prove" my claim but I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT: my story hasn't/isn't going to change like Ashley's already has within the matter of ONE DAY