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Originally Posted by rc625 View Post
Here is the order of events:

1) 2010 - Phoenix listed as Deceased by Ashley via iHerp
2) 21 Jan 14 - Phoenix confirmed deceased by myself via Facebook.
3) 21 Jan 14 - Ashley claims Phoenix was sold, possibly as a pair with an albino boa.
4) 22 Jan 14 - Ashley implicitly suggests the animal was not sold by stating the above quote.

I would just like to re-clarify what ShadowAceD posted. Ashley rebuttal my comment with "I sold Phoenix" yet there is a screenshot from 2010 from iHerp that Ashley posted Phoenix as "Deceased." I will have to check my backup files to see if I have anything to "prove" my claim but I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT: my story hasn't/isn't going to change like Ashley's already has within the matter of ONE DAY
She's basically just stating you are lying about everything regarding Phoenix and your word is worth less than hers because of history and etc. etc. etc.

She also seems to be implying SHE never marked Phoenix as dead.