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Question Fertility...Belly Heat vs ...

So hello Boa World,

I pondered about this question when coming across some readings and wanted to ponder about this for the boa world. This is a very complex concern but I guess it is best to go with what HASN'T produce the highest success rate, or what simple has had limited success, I'm curious like you all are. I know some will also identify cooling down methods, please add info/input on that as well.

Many of us are working with/breeding various island types, various morphs that have come from different parts of Central America region, "pure lineage" of natures finest if you will,crosses, etc... So very simply;

Have you in your EXPERIENCE found fertility issues with your male or females linked to heating with the following methods

1. Fertility issues with belly heat in males or females
2. Fertility issues with back heat in males or females
3. Fertility issues with radiant heat panels in males or females
4. Fertility issues with temperature controlled room(s) in males or females
5. Fertility issues with other heating/cooling methods...please describe

Please identify your boas by subspecies, species, and/or locality example: Boa Imperator (BCI), Suriname, or Boa Constrictor (BCC), etc...you're working with/breeding.

I know this digs into the breeding "secret" but please help educate the community, you could be helping the next evolution of genetics, the hobbyist, the enthusiast, shall I continue. So I ask the "Mr Booths...etc"(actual Doctors), mods,"big name breeders"( Big Blog/Vlog names, Big Forum names who always chime in on BOI's or Bad Guy threads, Vin, Freek, Chris, Manny, Richard, Tony, Jeff, Clay...do I have to continue with the name drops) please add .02 cents & chime in on this subject. An educated community = better society. The "game is to be told, not to be sold" (I hate to use that phrase because this is more than simply a game for most of us).

The poll added is to identify the fertility issue with certain heating method, so please be certain you're voting from your experience the issue you have encountered with that heating method.

This would be great podcast, blog radio talk *WINK WINK* invite a novice hobbyist (ME), so talk about it dang it or I'm calling you all out for not talking about it via Facebook LOL, that seems to be where the secrets have moved to smh lol.