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^True, but also take into account the size and species of the snake. Some snakes prefer more intimate surroundings. You would not want to put a baby corn snake in a 4-5ftx2ft cage unless you provide a LOT of hides, and even then it would probably be stressed. It would do best in a shoebox sized container with a couple hides. Even as adults a 4-5ftx2ft terrarium would be overkill. I keep my adults in 28-41qt tubs. Same goes for a lot of species that would be considered "beginner" snakes, like ball pythons or king/milk snakes. Intimate surroundings are usually better. If you're absolutely set on getting a snake, do your research and keep it at one house in an appropiate sized terrarium. There is a LOT more to keeping them than throwing them in a tank in the closet and leaving them.

Other than that, get a dog or a caged pet like a rat.