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Is there any reason that the snake can't stay at one house (ideally your dad's since there's more room to build a tank)?

Snakes only need to be fed once a week, they don't "have" to be handled or even seem to really care. Why not, if you really want a snake, just leave it in one place, as a household pet, and spend time with it when you're over there?

Also depending on the species, not every snake is going to climb or use a "ladder" or a two story cage, so that might be a lot more hassle than you need. Just pick the bigger closet and stick with that.

Be careful about building it with wood. You'll need to line the bottom of the tank with something (melamine, plastic, or some sort of "tray"), otherwise water, pee, and poo will just soak straight into the wood and create a horrible, impossible to clean mess.
once my mom moves into a larger house that is the ideal idea. I wouldnt want to leave it at my dads because he leaves (out of state) almost every week i am at my moms house so if it got out that would be bad because he leaves the heat or AC off... Ill keep in mind to line the tray ^^

Well my parents dont want rodents in the house unless they are dead
The tanks size... I was actually thinking about that. If i couldn't provide enough hides i could block off part of it with plexiglass,a piece of wood etc... and move it until the snake has the full tank, how would that be? oh and like when it has moved a significant amount i could add a hide or a plant...?
And i have two wonderful dogs at my moms house already ^^

Hope i got everybody