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Heck, I would feel foolish to give up now on it after all the time, effort and $$ I've put into that car over the past 10 years. I believe the drivetrain problem is now fixed. The new clutch feels great. All that needs to be done now (knock on wood) is to fix the minor things that got screwed up in the shop it was just in. Which should be on their dime. When the tech put things back together, he was rather negligent in double checking his work. There were a number of things I fixed afterwards, but when I was trying to figure out what was causing the oil problem in the turbo oiiing system and found the axle boot slashed open, it was time to send it back to them and have them fix the rest.

They have a new axle on order. The axle isn't hard to replace. I replaced both of them a few years ago when another shop left a brake line laying across the boot on the passenger side axle.

The oil leak problem is probably just a matter of a bad seal in one of the threaded connectors. Likely at the "T" junction in back right where the two lines directly coming from the turbos join together to return the oil to the scavenge pump. When I took pictures of everything, there is something that doesn't look right there.

When I pick up the car this time, I am going to have them put it up on the left at the shop and I will do my own inspection before driving it back home. But just in case, I will take some spare oil with me, just in case. If that scavenge pump stops drawing up the return oil from the turbos, it will blow out the tailpipes and drain the engine of oil pretty quickly.

So barring just having something else decide to break on me, unrelated to the current issues, the car should be pretty ship shape when it comes back home.

Hopefully, anyway.