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Well, the car is back home now, and it appears that the oil leak problem has been fixed. They also replaced the driver's side half shaft that had the torn grease boot damaged. So, so far, so good. The drive home with it was actually a rather pleasant drive.

But there is another fly in the ointment. Apparently they had someone wash and buff the car, and it appears that whoever it was used a rotary buffer and isn't all that competent with it. They appear to have applied it to ambitiously to the front and rear plastic Corvette emblem decals and damaged them. This caught my attention when I was lightly dusting off the car and cleaning off finger prints here and there on the paint surface.


The service manager is away but expected to be back on Monday. I sent him an email last night so I'm curious to see where this goes from here.

I have been toying with the idea of getting the car repainted after I get all the mechanical issues resolved and don't have to worry much about putting the car in a shop again and then have the inevitable damages that seem to take place at dealerships. Had the car just been freshly painted and this stuff happened, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be as calm about it as I am now.

In any event, my main worry is that those decals might be getting pretty scarce for a car that is almost 18 years old. If the dealership will spring for the cost of them and offer to install them, I may choose to just have them send me the decals and hold onto them until it comes time to repaint the car. But I dunno. The car looks pretty sharp if you don't look REAL close for the defects, and maybe I should just live with what I've got. I don't imagine I will be able to drive a stick shift comfortably for too many more years.