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I am fairly new to this forum & I do love coming over here to just look, often. I agree that the classifieds are getting out of hand with the disruptive, sometimes belittling posts. I personally feel that some of the people creating such post do it for the sheer pleasure of posting. Maybe a few are just seeking attention & they sure get what their looking for with even more disruption.

I have bought several snakes from the classifieds & I have always went to the BOI to check the potential seller out first. I have seen a few ads that I felt the snake was misrepresented or priced too high & instead of feeling the need to antagonize the op about it I just simply went on to another ad to look further. How hard is it to look & go on without having to be nasty to someone you may have never met.

I have posted good guy BOIs for good transactions I have had & have yet found the need to post a bad guy BOI. I think some of my good luck is that I use the BOI as my tool & that is where all the positive & negative posts about sellers & buyers should be posted unless there is a need to send a personal message to the op. This is my personal opinion, but I have not posted any nevative comments on anyone's ads & I have not gotten an infraction, yet. Works for me! If the mods have need to lock the ads it will be o.k. with me as I prefer to e-mail or pm the op about potential purchases in the first place.