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I had to ad to this, I purchased one Male BRB from Dave back in February and did not even think about using the BOI at the time. The snake came in packeaged perfectly, one of the best packaged snakes I ever received. That little BRB was soooo hand tame I could not believe it, I figured I would have to do a little work, well even to today he has never even thought about bitting me. He has high quality if anyone is looking for a BRB. He was quick with the e-mails. The snakes came with a full feed record and care sheets, his prices were right on budget. I remebered about him when he sent me an e-mail that he has had more hatched out this month. If you are looking he is the man to get them from. Okay so a small plug for him, but I think he deserves it, I was really impressed with him.