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Oh my god!!! Freaking Idiots.

If your monitor is still alive after this horrible information or any readers are using this information please don't!!! It's all wrong. To start with no matter how big the aquarium is you CAN NOT keep a monitor in a glass cage. It can not hold ln humidity or heat efficient for savanna monitors or any monitor. The monitors basking temp should range from 110-150 degrees, his overall cage temp about 90. They needs lots of humidity!! 60% at the lowest. Their from the savanna NOT a dessert. When it comes to their cage it needs to be a wooden enclosure. The minimum of 8ft long , 4 ft wide and 4ft deep. Otherwise the monitor will stress. For substrate use a sand soil mix. These people have told you completely invalid information, I doubt they have ever owned a monitor. They're information was setting your monitor up for death. You need to read accurate care sheets, look at the forum I post on called the HerpCenter. They have valid information. For basking bulbs use 2 50w halogen flood lights, and for all over use fluorescent tubes to keep good lighting. Your monitor should be eating WAY more, this shows how terrible it's housing was. My monitor is only 3 inches and eats 10 crickets a day. You should have a Dubia roach colony otherwise when your monitor is an adult it will be eating about 50 crickets a day, pinkies should be limited. NEVER pick up your monitor, let them get on you. watch youtube videos on taming. When a monitor just lets you grab them its not cause its tame, it because it has pretty much given up on life. Any questions please email me for valid information bradleeraven@gmail.com, these people are idiots!!