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Among other things, it will require an annual permit and $300,000 liability insurance policy for every constrictor snake over six feet in length, and for every venomous snake (including rear-fanged hognoses) in your collection.
Technically, it's worse than that. It gives them the legal power to ban any non-native animals. The language reads "including but not limited to" and then list examples. But...they can ban anything they want, legally, with no input from citizens -- any fish, reptile, or amphibian. It's fear mongering at its finest.

What pissed me off the most was when our "representatives" found opposition to the bill humorous and laughed on the senate floor. As of right now, they bill hasn't been vetoed but it hasn't been signed yet either. It's like...temporary law until one of the other happens.

There is a fundamental flaw in the bill language for anyone that has a captive bred "morph" though. The bill language clearly says that any animal that has been altered in looks (genetically), through human intervention, from their native form, is exempt from the law. The lawyers I consult with believe that will be easily exploitable.