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It's hard to confront people on things like pastel as it's not a morph but a description of a few physical traits. If he had sold it as a hypo or a jungle, there would be an easy argument. Like high red bearded dragons or high yellow carpet pythons, it's more of an individual opinion. What some would call high red, people who have been working with high red beardies for a long time would not. I developed two lines of pastel boas and have owned animals from many other bloodlines. For me, that animal doesn't meet my standards.For someone who doesn't work with boas much and is used to very dark animals, they might call that animal a pastel which they've heard used for nicer normals and that's all they know of the whole thing. Basically, I doubt the person purposefully misinformed you but just either didn't understand what pastel was or just have very low standards for what they call pastel. It's more of a spectrum than a hard separation, if you get me.