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NDOW Straight up lies

Nevada Department of Wildlife straight up lied to me!!!!

I left a message for them last week wanting to inquire about the importation of an albino form of a native venomous species. NAC 503.140 specifically states that no permits are required to import or possess any albino form of any native species of reptiles. Just to do my due diligence I called them anyway to double check. There was no hesitation on the phone, they gave me a resounding NO. I quoted the laws to the representative and all he would say is that ďThey donít allow itĒ.

Luckily for me, down in Las Vegas is Exotic Pets Las Vegas. The owner is a super cool guy who sometimes sells Albino Atrox so I called and spoke with him. Come to find out he was the one who sat down with NDOW and wrote the law back in the day. He fully explained to me why and how the law came into effect and why albino native are legal. It all started in order to sell Albino California King Snakes, but it was left so broad that all native venomous fell under it.

It kills me that sometimes these laws are so clear in black and white but any person in authority can just give you the opposite answer. But Iím not surprised since even the Supreme Court said itís legal for cops to lie to citizens.