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Get him out of that cage... smaller animals tend (not all) to get stressed out from being in too big of an enclosure, I had the same problem with a few of my animals before, put him in like a 30g or so, something like 3ft long by 15 wide by 18 tall or similar, a 75g would be the biggest I would go for that small of a sav. It's good that you are trying to give him a lot of space, but you have to do it gradually, try something about half the size, and once he gets accomodated after like a few months or so, and he gets some size on him, at least 10 inches more or so, then try the big cage again. I'll bet you that's the problem. Make sure (i know you said he had one) he has a hide, and more are better, make sure he is not in any high traffic areas, like a hallway, and also you might want to not interact with him at all for at least a week straight, if not a little longer, he is probably really stressed out and just needs time to regroup. Still try to feed him, but don't put too many crickets in at once, just like 2 or 3 and if he goes for them and takes them down, then add more, but if he doesn't then remove them so they don't bother him. Don't take him out of his hide, that will ruin the fact that he has somewhere safe to retreat to. Also, don't touch him or get too close to him until he is eating well, unless it is absolutely nesscessary. I know you want to interact, but just give him time, he will come around, feel free to email me at Nero557@hotmail.com if you have any more problems or questions, I'll try to keep an eye on this post also. good luck, and congrats on the new little critter.