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the window area is in the backyard and im under a porch, so he doesnt get much if any direct sunlight. I also have 2 temp guages in the tank at opposite ends now...on the sunny end with the lamp its 85 or so...on the darker side with the ceramic heat..its suprisingly around 100, thats the area where i have his food and water, where he likes to play in his water pool..for the most part he stays on the cooler side thats around 85 (sunnier), and thats where his hide is too. Luckily, yesterday i throw in some crickets, and he ate about 5 total..getting ahold of them by a foor or 2, bashing them around and then eating them up...brutal lol. Today he ate 3 of them, didnt seem as interesting but at least ate some...drank a little this weekend too both days. Should i remove his food totally for monday then reintroduce it tuesday so he seems more apt/excited about eating it? Or just put some in each morning/afternoon? Also, about how many crickets would a critter this size (8-9") eat daily? 10? he seems content with 5...then again he might still be kinda stressed..i may just skip his food 2morrow and just leave the water in there...

P.S: hope ya guys had a good memorial weekend, i had stir fried iguana n rice pilaf
LOL...just kidddding!!