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I thank you for the link, went over there, it's a big glider site. They have some folks who really know their stuff and are extremely helpful. It's been my pleasure to talk to a few of them.
But the site also has TB- Toxic Biddies, you know, those women who breathlessly toddle into a conversation just to show off, or be the center of attention. I ran into a doozie while throwing out a few ideas in the nutrition forum a few days ago.
There are one or two glider recipes which call for those tiny jars of baby food chicken, and when you have a bunch of gliders that stuff can really add up (not to mention that fresh food might be better) I suggested that perhaps a recipe could be devised using fresh chicken.
So one of the TB crew toddles over and announces that if I'm worried about saving money on a few jars of baby food, maybe I have the wrong pet.

We ought to get a little glider forum going over here. TBs that toddle over to this site usually toddle out pretty fast

I love my gliders, they are so cute!!!!