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Venomous new snake species accidentally discovered

Bandy-bandy: Venomous new snake species accidentally discovered by scientists immediately declared at risk of extinction

In 2018, a new member of the bandy-bandy snake genus was discovered, and named V. parscauda. The new species was found by Dutch biologist Freek Vonk at Weipa on Cape York Peninsula, near Rio Tinto's bauxite mining operations, and may be endangered.

Scientists say 'enigmatic' species shows 'how little we know about our biodiversity and how much may be lost before we even discover it'

Scientists have stumbled upon a previously undiscovered species of venomous snake, but warned it could already be at risk of extinction.

The new subspecies of bandy-bandy, a family of burrowing snakes endemic to Australia, was found by chance by biologists from the University of Queensland, who have quickly applied for it to be given protected status.

The team came across it while researching sea snakes near Weipa, a mining town on the west coast of the state’s Cape York Peninsula

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