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It sounds as if NC is trying to go that route. There is talk that there are alot of PETA types who are influencing the legislation on the proposed bans. It doesn't make it any better when they hear stories about "giant pythons from the Everglades" all over the news. There was alot of oposition to this bill this year and to be honest I think the only reason it didn't get signed is because people spoke out about it. Half the time these things go into law with out people even knowing about them. There is a county in CA right now who is banning public addoptions of animals??? Why?? Because the HSUS. isn't making a profit???
Freakboy - I can't remember the web site I went to to sign the petition on this but at least for us in NC there is an organization that will fight for us as long as we back them.. I will get it to you when I get home or sooner if I come across it... Heck I could just call you with it, your a local call for me!!