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Originally Posted by bcr229 View Post
Not necessarily, some of us play along and get the scammer to send the fake MO just to waste their time and some money for postage.

Play your cards right and you can get them to do it more than once.

Now, if you try to deposit the MO in your bank account then yes you need to have your head examined.

Also if you don't want to use your address just send it to your local cop shop or FBI field office instead.
While I can see the merit of "playing with them" I do not feel it is a good ploy as it encourages them to remain at it, yes eventually they realise they were "played" by you but while still out there "playing", there WILL be somebody who does fall for it and get scammed and then it is not a game any more.....
I suggest just totally ignoring them, not even deigning to reply is best method, and adding them to the ever growing list here on the BOI.