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Well guys lets talk about shopping in a commissary (military grocery store). First off, there are arrows in the isles and if you go against them (which I always do because I don't pay attention nor care about the stupid arrows) you will receive death stares from some officer's wife who thinks she owns the place because her husband is a Colonel. And you want to talk about brats.... You have never seen BRATS until you have seen military brats (the kids of officers are just like officer wives, they think they own the place).
We get paid every 1st and 15th and that is the day EVERYONE on post goes grocery shopping. I am usually the person running a day late so by the time I get there, the shelves are empty. I get the meat with all the fat hanging off it, the crushed bread, and the tomatoes with worms. And you think standing in line out there is bad.... Retirees will drive 100 miles to shop at the commissary to save $1.00 so they have like 5 carts of food. Talk about watching paint dry....
and to top it all off, there are baggers that work there for tips only and if you tell them you want to carry your own groceries its like you slapped them in the face or something. When they do carry them if you hand them $2 they look at you like you handed them a penny.
I knew there was a reason I got remarried........