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Ecigs and Government

These eliquid bans have nothing to do with our govt being misinformed or ill advised, they know exactly how good these products are & that's the problem! They are losing money, they have bonds to repay, they have no way to pay them back now because so many of us were able to quit smoking with ecigs.

The real scandal here is that our govt is more than willing to let us all die so long as the money keeps rolling in. This isn't misguided politics, it's genocide!! That's the message we need to get across to the uninformed public!!

Been 6.5 years since I stopped smoking and started vaping. Maybe 2 minor colds since then. Migraines I used to get on a monthly basis, sometimes more. I have had maybe 4 to 6 migraine attacks since I stopped smoking.

Govt knows these deaths and illnesses were caused by illegal thc vapes that were cut with vitamin E and also used marijuana that had pesticides used on them. Unlike the legal ones that are inspected!

Banning eliquid because of this is like banning pepsi or coke because people died drinking illegal moonshine.

480.000 deaths a year due to smoking tobacco but those packs of death have a little tax stamp on bottom so it's OK.

Now for the last 3 years I have been making my own eliquid. This ban does not affect me personally because I make my eliquid and I also build my own coils. My worry is for all the people who don't want a hobby or deal with all that, They just want to stop smoking.

Because the tobacco settlements are based on product sold, the less cigarettes the lesser the payments to states. Almost all the states took out bonds based on these payments and now are not getting enough to pay bonds back along with using extra for pet projects.