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Help with Spiney Tail Iguana - Cstenosaur similis

Ok, long story short, I made a mistake and while ordering a few other reptiles, I had a spiny tail iguana in the group. And unfortunately I did not realize that until the next day with my shipping notice. So i decided to roll with it.

I am reading mixed care instruction for these guys on mostly on the food side and humidity.

A few sources say that their diet is more towards the Green Iguana side, which I have been doing, a mix of greens - Collard, turnip, mustard greens etc, some shaved zucchini, squash and carrots, etc. The only thing I can see she eating are the carrots.

Now where I am in a quandary and my first question, after doing some more research I been reading that they need to be fed insects as well when younger and just trying to clarify if this is true.

Mine is a juvenile at the moment about 16 in with tail. I just want to get the correct information.

Currently I have her in a tank measuring 36l x 24 w 24tall (since this was an unexpected accidental buy I am building a bigger habitat in the next week)

Im using a cypress mulch with, which brings me to my next issue. I read some say that they do not need that high of humidty and some say they do, so I just been misting during the morning. Basking spots that are 105, with an ambient temp range of about 80-85.

the TLR 2 questions
1. What foods are you having success with juvenile eating and
2. What should the humidity levels be?
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