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3. Please note the requirement about your membership level here!

If your Contributor level or above membership expires here, you will be suspended from participation within the BOI Good Guy Certification program. When that happens, your entry will be removed from the active Certification forum into the Withdrawn or Suspended section and the poll closed. The link on your site from the banner will then reflect this change in status that is now in effect. Upon resuming your paid membership, the entry will then be moved back into active status and the poll reopened for further votes.

Recently I sent a a bunch of emails and PMs to people who have BOI GGC entries here and their memberships had expired. To date, only a very small fraction even replied to my notices. As such, the policy has become that anyone having an expired membership will just have their entry suspended and it is up to them to contact me about wishing to resume their active GGC status. I will not be contacting anyone to ask them if this is a consciously motivated decision, or just a memory lapse.

If you do NOT renew your paid membership, either consciously or through accident, then your participation within this program is effectively terminated and you are required, as per the stipulations of participation, to REMOVE the banner from your website immediately.

It is up to YOU to keep track of your membership status on this site. The system is supposed to send out a notice to you a few days prior to your membership expiring, but if that does not happen, there will be no way I will know about your NOT receiving the notice. I can only assume that you have received it, and for whatever reason, are declining to renew.

If you have been moved to the Withdrawn and Suspended section because of this expired membership problem, and you have decided to renew your membership to reactivate your certificate, you MUST notify me after payment is made so I can return you to active status. Although the membership status WILL change automatically, this does not happen that way with the certificate. So if you do not contact me, very likely I will never know about your resumed paid membership.

Sorry, if this seems harsh, but I am not going to be chasing people down to get them to renew their membership here. That is completely your decision, and I have to assume that whatever you do is with full knowledge of the results indicated within this post.