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I purchased a pair of chameleons back in February. He was very quick to collect my money but after numerous emails and phone calls I still don't have my chameleons. I paid by credit card. I guess I will be forced to file a complaint with them. This is the worst experience I have had with purchasing ever. Something must be happening there but his reputation should be questioned at this point.
Hey Mkaczynski, at this point there is nothing you can do as far as posting complaints. I posted on multiple forums and talked with others who had the same experience. Something must have happened to him/the company since it has been so long with no response unfortunately. Best you can do is request your money back via PayPal or your Bank. Both should get your money back promptly. Look into Flchams, I purchased a Panther from them shortly after with no issues and a lot of people have said good things about them. Get your money back and move on, that's the only thing you can do. Sorry you had to deal with this also.