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Virus source websites

Today when I tried to go to my FaunaTopSites site, I was greeted with a nasty looking message from my browser. Without mentioning any names, evidently one of the entries on FTS was branded as a virus source, and my browser was just refusing to allow me to go to my own site as a result.

So I had to disable the strict protections of the browser, go into FTS, and deleted the offending site from the list so I could regain access without the browser continually blocking me. Hated to do it, but certainly that site was likely blocking other people from being able to access FTS as a result.

Be vigilant, people. Hackers never sleep. I had intrusions happen here once or twice when I was remiss of taking adequate steps to protect the server, and it is no picnic cleaning up afterwards. But if you run a website, it really HAS to be done.

But one thing I find interesting is that I have a browser that keeps an eye on my own site for such things. Otherwise, I never would have known that problem existed there, likely impacting other viewers to my site.