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Interesting reading on snake training. Not sure it's worth the effort/possible psychological trauma to your dog. http://baddogsinc.com/rattlesnake-training/

"...there is no empirical data demonstrating that any current method of snake avoidance training is effective..."

"Other dogs may suffer severe emotional damage as a result of “snake-breaking”. The aversive (the shock) may become associated with something besides the intended the target (the snake). For instance, we’ve worked with dogs who became terrified of their leash, shrubs, the exact location where the shock was delivered, men with hats (the trainer was a man wearing a hat!). Since we don’t know what the dog is thinking about at the moment the shock happens, it can be a real crap-shoot about what the dog evaluates as the source of that threat.

In more than one dog, the fear response instilled was so intense as to drive the dog to panic. A panicked dog cannot make good decisions about his behavior. So a dog inclined to panic, upon encountering a snake, may run off, unable to respond to cues, and may also run headlong into another snake or nest of snakes."