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Question NC law about Dangerous Animals, any news???

I may be slow on the uptake, but i have just recently heard about this law that is supposed to be passed in NC. From what i can gather, it bans what the state considers to be "dangerous animals". The part that i am concerned about is the line that reads, "any boid that may reach 8 feet in length or more". I have just purchased several BCIs and a couple of Carpet Pythons.
What does this mean for us who are just trying to own some nice pets and possibly make a little money to help with the expenses? Or anyone, for that matter, who might just own one as a pet?
And what about those who have very good businesses in NC breeding larger reptiles? How can the state just ban ownership and breeding colonies that may have bee in use for years?
Maybe i am reacting too soon, or possibly wrong about the whole thing....
I hope so anyway