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I'm probably going to regret jumping into this thread but here goes nothing.

I was wondering does anyone know how the adeno virus started or what causes it. Other then it just being passed on verticaly, fecal-oral, or through an intermediate host. I guess i'm looking for what is the defect exactly.

I have been reading alot and noticed that some of the symptoms of this virus is lack of growth, weak immune system, on top of the rest. I had friend while back who had a clutch of eggs that were growing really slow. They got sick sometime after hatching maybe 6-8 weeks in. At the time we thought they had gotten sick from another dragon had purchased which had decent amount of parasites. But we were able to treat and save the larger part of the group out of 30 he lost 2. But after that incident they continued growing slowly. They never got sick again but after the last time i saw them. Some were growing and others were still rather small. I myself had dragons the same age as his and were more then double the size.