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Hybrid blood pythons

Starting this to discuss what people think about hybridization between brongersmai and short tailed pythons. I believe if youíre doing it out of your own interest and not for a cash crop and that all the genetics are explained than why not. Also does anyone have information or experience on hatchling mortality rates and slugs? I want peoples actual thoughts and ideas not just hybrids are bad because theyíre not natural no crap theyíre not natural we all know that flower horn fish arenít natural a lot of live stock isnít natural give me a better reason. How do you guys believe a Borneo x brongersmai would look. What do you guys think a bangka brongersmai x brongersmai would look like? Or even Sumatran to Borneo who knows. Iím not saying Iím doing any of these or that people should but Iíd like to know the communities perspective on these.

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