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How frustrating... I assume you have feeding tongs & have also tried wiggling the f/t pinks? Sounds like they might be the type of snakes that are turned off by too much mouse scent, from what you said? (fed on f/t, fed in water-which covers the scent) When you fed f/t, did you thaw it in water? (that might help? I have a snake that's not a mouse-eater by nature & he "insists" on "washed" fuzzies, thawed in water) Every now & then I've had a snake that didn't want to eat until their f/t started getting "ripe"...it was accidental, after a long day & work, & before I could remove the offending rodent, the snake was chowing it down...I know, "ew!" but thereafter he learned to take fresh anyway. Of course, if that was the case, the seller should have told you.
I assume you haven't been handling them either? (it's always best to ensure baby snakes feed several times before any handling, as the intimidation can mess up their hunger; shipping & changing homes doesn't do them any favors either, especially if they only fed once beforehand? I assume you asked the seller?)