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Visitor messages page

Every once in a while I will get a visitor message that triggers a notification showing up in my Private Messages alert box. So I would open the visitor messages page up and read it, thinking I would go back to it later on to reply. But when I would think of it later on, the only way I could figure out to get BACK to that page is by finding my own name in the Active Users display or in a post I made and then clicking on my own name to take me to my profile where that visitor messages page resides. That was just awkward, to say the least.

There wasn't any other way to get there as far as I know. I thought that there should be a method to get there a bit easier, so maybe that page would be more useful and more used by members as sort of a blogging page. So I asked my programmer to add a link within the User CP menu, under the Networking section. Not sure how many people use this feature, but those that want to might find this more convenient to get there. If not, well at least I now have an easier method to get to it when I need it.